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The aim of the assignment is to do a case study of reading diagnosis, instruction and recommendation. Reading plays an important role in studies and student should read lesson. Student learn differently that at different ways not all students will develop in the same way same rate. It is important that a student who has reading difficulties are best addressed when they are got at young age. When a student has a disability he or she has been formally identified. We should provide the targeted instruction to remediate difficulties and increase skill level. Early reading skills are essential for becoming a great student.
World health organization explained about Disability is any restriction or lack, resulting from an impairment, of ability to perform any activity in the manner or within the range considered normal for a human being. Eighty percentage of disability lives are poverty, marginalization and inadequate educational opportunities (UNDP, 2003). Indeed, as Harlan and Robert (Harlan & Robert, 1998) pointed in their discussion of the Americans with Disabilities Act, “There is a great difference between passing a law and the social process that leads to actualization of the intended reform” (p. 398).
 Background of the child

Be aware of how each child is doing. A student between 5 to 7 years should be checked, for example he or she has a much more difficult time than other students in pronouncing or rhyming words or in learning numbers the alphabet, the day of the week colour or shapes  (Griffin, 1998). The student who has the disability in reading are unable to find great adventures that unlock the imagination and enhance the creative mind. So Sam has been with kindergarten he expressed difficulty in learning letters and sounds. So when he moved to grade 1. We hoped he would get some improvement but he didn’t. A survey report says that in Maldives 30,000 disabilities are there, government giving pension and care to the disabilities (Treasury, 2015). The development delay happens because of surrounding behavior acceptance of disability, understanding of disability are very less. There discrimination avoiding when common work place. He could not realize and practice the activities so it affect his social developmental delay. And parents used to have other kids than that disable kid. So their concentration about the normal kid education arrangement expenses and life future. But the idea of disabled children have to participate in community or country scale decision making that is vital to improve their lives and fulfilled the development  (Lunt, 1994).
Summary of observation

The student Sam has difficulty with reading it can be a challenge to teachers and emotional for both parents and students. Sam has good grass mote skills and has many same age friends. He has difficulty with handwriting he has always been considered complaint and good at following adult’s directions. Sam lives with his parents and older sister. There is no family history of reading disabilities. Birth and growth is remarkable. He has normal sleep and growth and no history of bed wetting. When he asked to read an essay so frequently guessed words and seemed to use the picture as clue.  He was not a fluent reader.

 Diagnosis of the problem

The problem of disability in reading of a child Sam is diagnosed, while he struggled to read the words, unable to pronounce the word properly
 Parents, Preschool and primary teachers play an important role in providing education to a child. The child Sam with reading is found by teacher and parents in the age of 6. He is very much struggled to read the words. So in the early age we find this difficulty it is easy to cure by giving targeted instruction.

 Instructional Strategies and evaluation of the child’s progress

The child with this reading disability will be improved through handling some instructional strategies. They are
v   Record the students reading aloud on their own
v   Ask the kids to use fingers to follow reading
v   Teach vocabulary early
v   Create a stress free environment
v   Ask the student to repeat the  word  he read
Then after this practice we have to evaluate his improvement. It he gets improvement we can use this remedial measures or otherwise we can use other method which is suitable for him.

Recommendation for future instructions

 Recommendations regarding reading practice had developed sufficiently in the scientific world. Nowadays more information literature we have to give clear guidelines for this improvement in reading.
v  Giving frequent opportunities to read
v    Sufficient practice in reading to achieve fluency.
v   giving opportunity to write


The child with this disability or dyslexia has been identified in his early age. So the measures which has been taken to help the child to overcome his disability is easier. The chid with the good environment, his reading ability is not good. So his background of birth is not at all a reason for his disability, so it is really a solvable problem of him. we identify the problem is earlier. So 90 to 95 percentage of this problem will be solved by taking all this remedial measures that child will get good future and become a great student. 


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